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Home education may be one of the most rewarding things you can do for your child.

School does not suit every child, and there are many good reasons to teach at home: problems with the school such as disruptive classes, bullying, and your child's particular needs not being adequately met.

Whatever the reason, we offer a comprehensive, fully timetabled plan and all the resources you need for any stage all the way from Foundation to Year 9.

We save you time in researching and buying resources. We remove the worry of planning, and we can tailor each pack to meet the needs of your child for a whole year's work.

Naturally, you want to do the best for your child. With all the pressures of modern life, parents can feel overwhelmed. If your child is unhappy at school there is a wealth of information available to help you teach at home - but how do you know what to choose?

Our Curriculum Packs give a comprehensive and balanced syllabus based on the UK National Curriculum.

Each pack contains all the resources and planning for a full year's work.

You won't have to spend another minute looking for learning materials on the internet or in the shops. We also offer a range of other educational resources, study packs and foreign language packs to enhance your child's learning.

Home education is so time-efficient. Using our Curriculum Packs, you will be able to complete the scheduled work in the mornings, leaving the rest of the day for developing other interests, going on trips, or socialising with other home-educatiing families.

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